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Country: Russian Federation

Field elevation: 36ft



There are no prices in the database.

Nearby airports

This list contains all airports surounding Repolovo within a radius of 40NM. To select one for details, klick on the airport name or ICAO code.

ICAO - Airport Distance [NM] Price [EUR/L]
HA7T - Bazyanyi 13 NA
HGX9 - Zimnik 14 NA
ZC2Y - Feniks Yugra 14 NA
HA8A - Batovo 15 NA
HCC6 - Repolovskie Yurtyi 2 NA
HGY0 - K46 2 NA
HGX7 - Malyiy Salyim 26 NA
HGX8 - Churyim 27 NA
HA7O - Asfaltovyiy Zavod 28 NA
HB9P - Priobskoe Tsps 29 NA
HB2M - Tsingalyi 29 NA
HGX6 - Kaygarka 30 NA
HAP5 - Prombaza 30 NA
USHH - Khanty Mansiysk Airport 31 NA
HA7C - Altay 33 NA
HC18 - Zenkovo 33 NA
HAI9 - Mostootryad 34 NA
USHP - Gornopravdinsk 36 NA
HGX5 - Kozhurka 37 NA
HDD4 - 560 Km Khk 37 NA
HD7G - Upn 38 NA
HAJ8 - Nyalino 39 NA
HB2X - Sibirskiy 5 NA
HC11 - Reyd Vyikatnoe 8 NA
HB4B - Tyuli 8 NA

Color Codes: AVGAS 100LL AVGAS UL91 MOGAS / Super+


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