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Country: Russian Federation

Field elevation: 19ft



There are no prices in the database.

Nearby airports

This list contains all airports surounding Petergof within a radius of 40NM. To select one for details, klick on the airport name or ICAO code.

ICAO - Airport Distance [NM] Price [EUR/L]
ULLZ - Yaht Klub 10 NA
HE9P - Yaht Klub Krestovskiy 10 NA
HD1J - Novyiy Versal 10 NA
HD1H - Klinika Mchs 2 10 NA
ULLD - Varshavskaya 10 NA
XLLO - Gorskaya 10 NA
ULLQ - Petropavlovskaya Krepost 11 NA
HD1G - Klinika Mchs 1 11 NA
HH0H - Kamennoostrovskaya 11 NA
HEJ8 - Elagin Ostrov 11 NA
HG4P - Fort Konstantin 11 NA
ULLE - Nii Nmp 11 NA
ULLG - Gpn 5 11 NA
ULLH - Ambassador 11 NA
ULLY - Bychye Pole 12 NA
ULLT - Salova 70 12 NA
HH0J - Ath 13 NA
HH0C - Ekspoforum 13 NA
ULSG - Gostilitsy 13 NA
HE9A - Gregoris Kars 13 NA
HE9Q - Udelnaya 13 NA
ULLM - Mezon 14 NA
HFP5 - Forum 14 NA
ULLP - Pushkin Airport 15 NA
HE59 - Utkina Zavod 15 NA
XLLV - Levashovo 15 NA
HDB3 - Borki 16 NA
ULSQ - Borovaya 16 NA
ULLR - Kad 52 16 NA
HE6J - Osinovaya Roscha 17 NA
HF83 - Nyusar 17 NA
HEE3 - Bugryi 17 NA
HCN2 - Murino 2 18 NA
ULSK - Korpikyulya 18 NA
HH0N - Poselkovaya 18 NA
HCM1 - Murino 1 18 NA
HDB2 - Murino Nps 18 NA
HD4A - Kovalevo 19 NA
ULSS - Rzhevka Airport 20 NA
ULSC - Seltso 20 NA
ULSD - Vartemyagi 21 NA
HG8D - Fedorovskoe 21 NA
XLLN - Kasimovo Airfield 23 NA
HGZ0 - Toksovo 23 NA
HG8A - Kasimovo 2 23 NA
ULSY - Sivoritsy 2 23 NA
XLLF - Sivoritsy 24 NA
ULSM - Manushkino 25 NA
ULSV - Shcheglovo 26 NA
ULSF - Mestanovo 26 NA
HD3V - Nevskaya 26 NA
ULLN - Marli 3 NA
HD7A - Rezvyih 30 NA
HF2P - Nevskiy Pyatachok 30 NA
ULLS - Siversky Air Base 31 NA
ULSU - Kummolovo 32 NA
ULSX - Tosnospas 33 NA
ULSZ - Ozero Krasnogvardeyskoye 33 NA
HGT0 - Ks Elizavetinskaya 35 NA
ULSO - Kuznetsovo 37 NA
HF2Q - Ovsyanoe 38 NA
ULSE - Orehovo 38 NA
XLLE - Gorelovo 7 NA
HGS9 - 4 Y Uts Vv Mvd 7 NA
HE5A - Dgb 1 7 NA
ULLF - Morskoy Fasad 8 NA
ULLI - Pulkovo Airport 9 NA
HF82 - Gerkules 9 NA
ULSH - Gerkules Gidro 9 NA
HEG2 - Mmpk Bronka 9 NA

Color Codes: AVGAS 100LL AVGAS UL91 MOGAS / Super+


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