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Antwerpen Az Middelheim

City: Antwerpen

Country: Belgium

Field elevation: 46ft



There are no prices in the database.

Nearby airports

This list contains all airports surounding Antwerpen Az Middelheim within a radius of 40NM. To select one for details, klick on the airport name or ICAO code.

ICAO - Airport Distance [NM] Price [EUR/L]
EBWK - Willebroek 10 NA
EBBT - Brasschaat 10 NA
EBBC - Brecht Luyckx 11 NA
EBBH - Brecht Keysers 12 NA
EBWA - Waasmunster 12 NA
EBBV - Brecht 12 NA
EBZR - Zoersel (Oostmalle) Airfield 13 NA
EBMA - Malle Westmalle 13 NA
EBGB - Grimbergen Lint 14 NA
EBMW - Meise 15 NA
EHWX - Woensdrecht Air Force Met Group 16 NA
EHWO - Woensdrecht Air Base 16 NA
EBMB - Melsbroek 17 NA
EBBR - Brussels Airport 17 NA
EBME - Meerbeek 19 NA
EBVU - Rotselaar 19 NA
EBAT - Aalst Meldert 19 NA
EBTK - Tielen Kasterlee 19 NA
EBEU - Edegem Uza 2 NA
EBAW - Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) 2 1.89
EBHO - Holsbeek 20 NA
EBAL - Aalst 20 NA
EBUC - Brussels Ucl 20 NA
EBGA - Leuven 21 NA
EHSE - Seppe Airport 23 2.64
EBUB - Brussels Ulb 23 NA
EBOB - Oud Heverlee 24 NA
EBWE - Weelde Air Base 24 NA
EBSW - Sint Pieters Leeuw 26 NA
EBNO - Outer Airport 26 NA
EBDT - Diest Schaffen 26 NA
EBHA - Ham 27 NA
EBGT - Gent Uz Gent 28 NA
EBDW - Diest Webbekom 28 NA
EBHL - Halen 29 NA
EBEB - Evergem 29 NA
EBBE - Beauvechain Air Base 29 NA
EBLT - Lint 3 NA
EBDR - Antwerpen 3 NA
EBAK - Antwerpen Kiel 3 NA
EHGR - Gilze Rijen Air Base 30 NA
EBKH - Balen Keiheuvel 30 NA
EBTN - Goetsenhoven Air Base 31 NA
EBBM - Brakel 32 NA
EBLU - Lummen 33 NA
EBGG - Geraardsbergen Overboelare 33 NA
EHMZ - Midden-Zeeland Airport 33 2.61 1.83
EBLE - Leopoldsburg Airfield 34 NA
EBZM - Zomergem 34 NA
EBZI - Zingem 34 NA
EBUL - Ursel Air Base 36 2.10
EBHT - Houthalen 37 NA
EBBY - Genappe Baisy Thy 37 NA
EBBZ - Pont A Celles Buzet 38 NA
EBST - Limburg Regional Airport 38 2.26
EBNP - Neerpelt 38 NA
EBZH - Kiewit Airfield Hasselt 38 NA
EBAV - Hannut Avernas Le Bauduin 38 NA
EBMK - Maarkedal Nukerke 38 NA
EBHM - Hasselt Maasland 39 NA
EBIS - Ath Isieres 39 NA
EBNK - Nokere Suys 39 NA
EBKR - Kruishoutem 39 NA
EBLN - Eghezee Liernu 39 NA
EHEH - Eindhoven Airport 39 NA
EBBL - Kleine Brogel Air Base 39 NA
EBNE - Neerpelt 40 NA
EBRO - Ranst Van Den Bosh 6 NA
EBAS - Schilde S Gravenwezel 6 NA
EBLY - Ranst Lymar 6 NA
EBHN - Hoevenen 8 NA
EBTE - Temse 9 NA

Color Codes: AVGAS 100LL AVGAS UL91 MOGAS / Super+


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